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 In Srimad-Bhagavatam (3.2.29) “Cow is the mother and the bull the father of the human being. The cow is the mother because just as one sucks the breast of one’s mother, human society takes cow’s milk. Similarly, the bull is the father of human society because the father earns for the children just as the bull tills the ground to produce food grains.” 

Lord Chaitanya Maha Prabhu, being Krishna Himself, told an astrologer:

“In My last birth, I was born in the family of cowherd men, and I gave protection to the calves and cows. Because of such pious activities, I have now become the son of a brahmana.” (C.C.Madhya 17.111)

In our SRI KRISHNA BALARAMA Goushala, currently we are serving indigenous/desi cows of Ongole, Punganuru, Ghir, and Kapila breed. Cow protection is about expressing our gratitude for the wonderful gifts that cows have given to human society. 


Traditionally the most essential foods came from the milk of cows and labor of the bull. We have expert and experienced gousevaks who are taking care of the cows very nicely. The cows feel very much happy in their natural habitat and are often taken for grazing in the grass fields.  From a holistic perspective, cow protection is about giving them love & care and a quality life thus making them as happy and comfortable as possible. This is not based on some superstition but on firm moral & practical considerations. Regardless of milk production, cows and bulls also produce dung and urine which is valuable as fertilizer, compost, some medicines, and bio-gas fuel.

Sri Krishna Balarama Goushala is running to satisfy Lord SRI KRISHNA as GOVINDA is more inclined to the cow protection.

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