About Us

SRI KRISHNA BALARAMA GOUSHALA is the happy home of LORD SRIKRISHNA beloved cows. Our dedicated teams of GOUSEVAKS offer their talents and resources towards constantly improving the standard of care and management along with providing medical attention, nutritious food, clean water and lifetime accommodation.  We also strive to inspire the pilgrims visiting GOUMATHA LAND to love and protect GOUMATHA. In order to build an exemplary cow protection program in line with the teachings of LORD SRI KIRSHNA in BHAGAVAD GITA and BHAGAVATAM, we need your blessings and support. check-out privacy policies 

Sri Krishna Balarama Goushala is running to satisfy Lord SRI KRISHNA as GOVINDA is more inclined to the cow protection.


  • Cow protection is dharma of every human being as per our Vedic Culture.
  • Protection and maintenance of Indigenous healthy cows and calves
  • Freely grazing happy and healthy cows.
  • Production of Cows’ milk because milk is the basic requirement for healthy and intelligent mind.

  • Scientifically grown pasture for efficient usage of natural resources and to provide green grass to cows year long.
  • Cow dung and urine used for making products to help support the GOUSHALA.
  • To provide Gou-Seva / Gou-pooja to every person irrespective of caste, creed, and religion.
  • To conduct and organize seminars and workshops to create awareness on the importance of mother cow protection in various villages, schools, colleges, and other Institutions.